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5 sustainable fashion resolutions

start the new year off right - so easy, anyone can do them!

1. Do some research

We get it, not everyone has time to email and tweet at brands to find out where their clothing is coming from.

Instead, take a minute to download the Chrome extension DoneGood.

This genius plugin runs in the background while you do your normal web browsing and shopping. A pop-up will appear offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to what you are currently looking to buy. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

DoneGood also has an app that allows you to filter and search for things like women-owned companies, fair trade, organic, etc.

2. try the 30 wears challenge

If DoneGood can’t find you a sustainable and ethical version of what you are looking for, the next best thing you can do is implement the 30 wears challenge.

Popularized by Liva Firth of The True Cost, the 30 Wears Campaign challenges you to ask the question “will I wear this 30 times?” before making a new purchase.

The 30 Wears Challenge is a great way for newbies to ease their way into the sustainable fashion world. You don’t need to give up buying the clothes you love or spend your days researching how ethical a company is. All you have to do answer honestly to one simple question.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage shoppers to buy less fast fashion and more slow, quality pieces that they will wear over and over again. The less we buy, over time, the less that will end up in landfills. And if we opt to spend out dollars on ethically and sustainably made pieces other retailers will follow the trend.

Check out this article for easy tips on finding the perfect 30 wears challenge pieces.

3. reuse

upcycle and repurpose

Give your clothes new life by sewing on a few patches or embellishments likes studs, lace, or pearls.

join a clothing swap

Find a new home for pieces you no longer want and revamp your closet with new treasures, all for free. Visit for clothing swaps in your area.

save your clothing from the landfill by mending and repairing

If you don’t have sewing skills, don’t worry. You can take your torn jeans and buttonless shirts to the local tailor and for around $5 they can repair your clothing so you can wear it again without having to toss it and buy something new.

4. take care of what you already own

Take care of the clothing you already own so you can wear it season after season. Always remember to wash in cold water, line dry, and use mild detergents that won’t break down the strength of the fabric. As an added bonus using cold water and line drying are more eco-friendly laundering practices than using hot water and machine drying. For more info, check out this article.

5. get active - support the revolution

Learn more about sustainability and ethics in fashion and meet awesome like-minded people by attending local events. Check out Fashion Revolution for events happening in your area.


What are some of your New Years fashion resolutions? Share them for a chance to be featured on our blog