Launch My Conscious Line

from idea to sales in 6 months

in this course you will transform your brand from idea to finished product, and experience that magical feeling when your website goes live and you get your very first sale

October 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021

February 1, 2021 - August 1, 2021


June 1, 2021 - December 1, 2021




Mentorship To Guide You


signature 3 phase system

My signature 3 phase system takes you through the conscious startup journey in a way that is designed prevent overwhelm. Starting a brand is a lot of hard work, I am here to make it easier for you.


Phase 1 is all about your business basics and laying down a solid foundation based on market research.


In Phase 2, we deep dive into the world or manufacturing as I teach you step-by-step how to get your product made.


And, in Phase 3 you learn how get in front of your ideal customer and sell your product, because without customers you won't have a profitable company.


weekly coaching + accountability

The masterclass offers 25 weeks of interactive classes, plus weekly LIVE office hours for help if you get stuck along the way.


You also get access to my rolodex of industry professionals for additional help and mentorship.


By The End Of The Course You Will...

Be A Brand Founder


learn how to become a company that stands out from all the others startups out there

Have A Well Designed Line


a step by step process to designing styles that will sell out season after season

Sourced Your 1st Collection


the world of sourcing will be de-mystified + you will become a pro at manufacturing

Built A Following Of Loyal Fans


scared no one will buy your clothes? don't worry, they will with this tried and true method

Be Ready For Your First Sales


there is nothing like the first day of launching your line, and getting an alert for your first sale

Have A Plan For The Future


when you are ready, you will know exactly what to do in order to scale and grow your company

What You Get

Weekly Lessons


once a week lessons taught by Melanie, jam packed with how-to's + action items

Access To The Master Mind


a private group for all course members to connect, network, share resources, and support

Office Hours


once a week Melanie will host LIVE office hours as an opportunity for brands to ask for help

Melanie's Personal Supplier List


my personal rolodex of ethical and sustainable suppliers from all over the world

Professional Templates


everything from how to email a factory and sound professional to how to create a line sheet



bonus talks, panels, and mentorship from other experts and industry leaders

25 Week Syllabus


Week 1: Find Your Niche

how to fine-tune your product and find your customer

Week 2: Branding

creating a company that your customers can relate to

Week 3: Financials

setting up your budget and laying out a business plan

Week 4: Product Planning

the secret to creating a product that will sell out


Week 5: Textiles 101

the condensed version of everything I learned in my 4-year textile engineering degree

Week 6: Fabric Sourcing

how to find fabric suppliers that align with your brand

Week 7: Sourcing Partners

this is where I hand over my VIP supplier list

Week 8: Garment Design

spoiler - you don't need to know how to draw or sew to design

Week 9: Tech Packs + Comms

how to communicate with suppliers effectively

Week 10: Balance + Planning

how to create a launch plan that will help you avoid burn out

Week 11: Sourcing Details

don't forget the extras - trims, labels, tags, etc

Week 12: Packaging

setting the mood + creating an unboxing experience

Week 13: Production

my tried and true checklist for before you place your production deposit


Week 14: Website Design

step-by-step guide to making your own high converting website (read increased sales)

Week 15: SEO

how I get 24,000 readers to my blog every single month - for free

Week 16: Content

it's quality not quantity - create captivating content that connects with your customer

Week 17: Crowd Funding

how to raise money + tap into other audiences to find new customers

Week 18: Sales Tools

the tools you need to grow and scale

Week 19: Retail 101

how to create memorable in-person customer experiences

Week 20: PR

my secrets on how I got featured in Forbes, WWD, Business of Fashion, and spoke at SXSW

Week 21: Wholesale

open and manage wholesale accounts

Week 22: Ads + Funnels

turn strangers into loyal customers

Week 23: Networking + Cold Calls

tips on how to make introductions + partner with strangers

Week 24: Funding + Scaling

sustainably grow your business

Week 25: Refunds + Trouble Shooting

sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, here is how to handle them like a pro

+ Special Bonuses

templates, swipe files, scripts, + more


Here’s What You Are Getting When You Enroll Today:

(Remember seats are limited to just 20 students, and sell out fast)


  • 25 weeks of Launch My Conscious Line Course Content – $3000
  • (with workbooks, cheat sheets, made for your swipe files, and templates)
  • 25 weeks of live help - $2000
  • Lifetime membership to the mastermind online community - $1500
  • VIP startup supplier list – $2000


When you add it all up, that’s a value of $8,500


But when you enroll today you’ll get access to everything for just...

3 monthly payments of


a 1-time payment of




Here’s What You Are Getting When You Enroll In Independent Study:


  • 25 weeks of Launch My Conscious Line Course Content – $3000
  • VIP startup supplier list – $2000
  • Made for you templates, swipe files, and workbooks - $500


When you add it all up, that’s a value of $5,500


But when you enroll today you’ll get access to everything for just...

3 monthly payments of


a 1-time payment of