Build Your Brand In 6 Months

everything you need to transform your brand from idea to finished product

October 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021

What You Get

Live Weekly Lessons


Once a week live lessons taught by Melanie, with special industry guest speakers.

Access To The Master Mind


A private group for all course members to connect, network, share resources, and support.

Office Hours


Once a week Melanie will host office hours as an opportunity for brands to ask for help .

Melanie's Personal Supplier List


My personal Rolodex of ethical and sustainable suppliers from all over the world.

Profesional Templates


Everything from how to email a factory and sound profesional to how to create a line sheet.

One on One Consultation


1 hour of private one on one consultation with Melanie to help build your brand.

Build Your Brand In 25 Weeks

Week 1:
Finding Your Niche

How to fine tune your product and find your customer

Week 2:

How to set up a budget and write a business plan

Week 3:

How to find funding and finance your small business

Week 4:

What's in a name? Crafting your brand image

Week 5:
Product Planning

What should you design?

Week 6:
Intro To Fashion Design

Crash course in clothing design

Week 7:
Fabric Sourcing

Finding the perfect fabrics

Week 8:
Sourcing Partners

This is where I hand over my personal list of industry contacts

Week 9:
Tech Packs

And, how to communicate with a factory

Week 10:

Demystifying industry talk

Week 11:
Sourcing Details

Labels, hang tags, and all the extras

Week 12:

Finding the perfect bags, boxes, and more

Week 13:

Writing your first PO - complete with templates

Week 14:
Website Design

How to start selling online in less than 1 hour

Week 15:

How I rank #1 in Google search results

Week 16:
Product Photography

How to take professional DIY photos

Week 17:
Sales Tools

Line sheets, look books, brand books, and more

Week 18:
Finding Your Customers

How to start selling your product

Week 19:

How to hire showrooms and sales agents

Week 20:

Navigating tradeshows, and the art of the cold call

Week 21:
Retail 101

Deciding what sales channels are right for you

Week 22:

How I got myself featured in Forbes, Business of Fashion, spoke at SXSW, and more

Week 23:

How to create ads that convert into sales

Week 24:

The basics of email marketing, sales funnels, and connecting with your customer

Week 25:

How to grow your brand bigger and better


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