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Do you love fashion? Have you always wanted to start your own clothing line, but like many people have no idea how to start?


For most of my clients their biggest hurdle is committing to their goal and investing in themselves. I get it. It's scary to spend your life savings on a start-up business. Especially with that little voice in the back of your head saying, this might not work out.


That is why I created this totally free course. Where others charge upwards of 2, or even 3 thousand dollars, I offer my 10 years of fashion industry experience for free.


Consider it an investment from me into your future business.


You can do this!

about this course

This course has 10 modules, with 3-5 lessons in each module. Every week we will open up a lesson. So, make sure to join our email list to get the latest updates on new lessons be released.


This course is designed to take you from I want to start a clothing line, but have no idea where to start to finished product selling on a website made by you or in retail stores.

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1: set your intentions

  1. 1. identify product ideas

2. create a SMART product guide

3. design strategically

2: branding + packaging

1. how to name a clothing brand

2. branding tips

3. analyze your brand

4. packaging guidelines


3: before you get started

6: start selling now

1. DIY website + POS system

2. blogging + SEO

3. etsy guide

4. pop-ups + markets

7: wholesale

  1. 1. should I join a showroom?

2. are trade shows right for my brand?

3. the different types of retailers

4. how to find retailers

8: sales tools

1. the importance of product photography

2. how to make a line sheet

3. how to make a lookbook

4. setting up your space

5. keeping track of inventory


9: marketing

1. should I hire a publicist


3. fashion shows + events

4. fashion marketing

10: social media + advertising

  1. 1. choosing your outlets
  2. 2. creating content
  3. 3. email marketing


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