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DIY: up-cycle your own trashion

As Plastic Free July continues, we take a look into the world of Trashion for a new and creative way to reuse waste.

what is trashion?

Trashion took off around 2004 in New Zealand. It is a term used for art, fashion, jewelry, and home goods created from repurposed found elements that would otherwise have ended up in the trash and subsequently landfills. Today there is even a trashion fashion show at MIT.

traveling trashion fashion show

tips on making your own trashion

get creative - there are no rules!

Trashion takes items that were never meant to be used for fashion and turns them into wearable art! There is no wrong way to repurpose waste. So tap into your inner Picasso or Rembrandt and start creating!

get inspired

easy starter trashion project inspiration

If the idea of wearing garbage as fashion is a little overwhelming to you, try one of these projects to start. We think once you get started you’ll be hooked! Etsy and Pinterest are two great sites to browse for inspo!


found object rings, necklaces, and bracelets

Re-purpose an old necklace chain, cut a strip of leather from an old belt, or use spare wire for a ring base and add on found objects like computer keys, gameboard pieces, or anything you think looks cool!

recycled tire tube feather earrings - and instructions on how to make them

recycled tire tube feather earrings


monopoly game piece charm bracelet

monopoly game piece charm bracelet


scrabble necklace 

scrabble game piece necklace vintage g2


turn old toys from your attic into funk keychains

vintage treasure troll keychain rainbow hair


repurposed clothing

If you know how to sew or are just learning, try your hand at repurposed clothing. Marina DeBris’ pieces are captivating but a little impractical for daily wear - try some of these suggestions instead

caution warning tape recycled into a dress lady on the beach

plastic and paper plates and cups waste up cycled into a dress on the beach


shorts made from old scarves

black and white up cycled scarf wrap shorts plan b



Give new life to a shirt with holes

diy old tshirt cut out wings



reusable tote bag made out of old jeans

re usable tote bag made of recycled old jeans


furniture and home goods

glass bottle vases - doesn't get any easier than this!

vintage glass bottle vases with flowers


up cycled shipping pallet furniture

up cycled shipping pallet furniture ideas


How do you trashion? Send us photos of your upcycled projects to be featured on our Instagram and blog!