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The FREE 7 DAY STARTUP CRASH COURSE IS BACK UNTIL JULY 15. take advantage of this free program while you can!

A look behind the seams

this simple play on words is what i am all about - i take you right into the factory with me, showing you firsthand the secretive world of apparel manufacturing, from fiber to finished garment.


click below for a look behind the seams of how i help my little belleville make their jumpsuits in jaipur, india!

how you can work with me

you've got the ideas, and i've got the know-how, together let's make your fashion dreams a reality

i offer support to founders no matter what stage of the startup journey your business is in

from idea, to first launch, to supply chain overhall - i'm here to help you get it done

you might feel stuck right now, but the good news is, you've got options

let's break them down...

1. take my free 7-day startup fashion crash course

if you can dedicate 15-minutes a day for the next week, I can help you start your conscious fashion brand.. for FREE! 

every day for the next 7 days you will get an email to your inbox with a startup lesson, and quick homework download.

read the lesson. do the homework. repeat the next day.

starting your fashion brand, can really be that simple.

Start The Free Crash Course!

2. Join the summer sourcing intensive group coaching program

The Summer Sourcing Intsensive is my group coaching program with 10 weeks of video lessons, 5 live zoom coaching sessions to choose from, and so so much more.

I am only taking 10 students at a time, so sign up fast.

if you have been stuck trying to figure out how to get your great idea made, this is for you!

help me get my product made

3. work 1-on-1 with me

need more individual or customized help?

let's get into the nitty-gritty of your supply chian and how your brand runs.

from meeting wool farmers in ireland, to visiting remote artisan clusters in india i live and breath supply chain and would love to be a resource for your brand.

I want a private 1 hour call

check out the blog for even more free fashion start up help

Block Print Jacket And Shirt - A Look Behind The Seams

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Fashion Mood Board, A Clothing Design Secret Weapon

A fashion mood board is an often forgotten creative exercise, but could be the secret to your clothing brand's startup success - learn more.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Clothing Line?

How much does it start to cost a clothing line? Every expense you could possibly think of, plus what it costs all laid out for you.


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