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i left the corporate world long ago for the freedom of being an entrepreneur - so, instead of a stuffy bio, here are 5 facts i bet you didn't know about me...

1. I have more than just one home

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you about my fancy second summer home… I am pretty mobile and split my time between NYC and India. I know what you’re thinking - why India? Well, my boyfriend was born and grew up there. And, I’ll answer your next question too, no he’s not Indian, he’s a tall white guy with family roots on Long Island. We have a home base in North Goa (a small state on the west coast of India). And when I am not there I spend most of my time working in Jaipur. I like to think I get the best of both worlds this way - the glitz and glam of NYC fashion, and BTS factory life experience in India.

2. here's the moment I knew I needed to leave fast fashion...

I was dangling out the third-story window of a factory gasping for fresh air in a village that was so small it wasn’t even on Google Maps. After less than 5 minutes, the fumes inside that factory burned my lungs and made my eyes not just water but poor tears. That moment was the first time I ever thought WTF am I doing? Is fashion really worth, this?

3. I plan my vacations around textiles

Where ever I go, I always like to get a textile day trip in. When my boyfriend and I went to Mallorca, Spain we took a trip into the mountains to visit a third-generation ikat weaving mill (we also just happened to stop at a restaurant that had the best chocolate fondant I have ever had in my entire life). When we went to Ireland we visited one of the only operational wool mills in the country (FYI, the industry is dead and has mostly moved to Australia and China). I seriously love textiles. And, learning about them. That is why my work doesn’t really feel like work, I would be doing this stuff anyway in my free time.

4. I can do almost any factory job

From winding sewing bobbins, to screen printing, to hand sanding jeans, I have tried just about every job in the supply chain. And, I think that everyone that works in the fashion industry should too. IMO, what the fashion industry is lacking most is empathy. I think that if more people experienced what a day in a sewing line was really like, they would be more fired up to create industry change.

5. my biggest career accomplishment (humble brag here)...

Was speaking at SXSW. I used to have a fear of public speaking, and I never thought people would be so interested in me and what I do that I could fill a room at one of the worlds most famous forums. But I did! I’m not special or extraordinary, I just work hard and speak honestly - and I think my small successes are a good reminder that you can do amazing things too.

Like My Vibe? Here's How We Can Work Together!


0-2 years in business

The first thing to do is to click here and sign up for the FREE 7-Day Conscious Startup Crash Course. Get your brand out of your head, manufactured, and ready for your first customers with tools, tips, and action items delivered to your inbox everyday.

If you want more, then the easiest (and most economical) way for us to work together is in Launch My Conscious Line. A 6 month program that is 1 part live mentorship, 1 part manufacturing boot camp, and 1 part fashion business accelerator. The program only happens 3 times a year, and the next session starts in October 2021. Space is limited to hop on the wait list now


2+ years in business

Doing business and ready to make some conscious changes?

Whether you are trying to add transparency to your supply chain, increase your sales, or need a conscious marketing overhaul - I'm here for you.

Please e-mail me at and let's chat about how I can help you.

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