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Why to Manufacture in Poland - Complete w/ Supplier List

I had the opportunity to visit Poland in September on a trip sponsored by The European Union and Polish Investment & Trade Agency. And, not only was I was blown away by their manufacturing capabilities, but the country as a whole. Poland is probably the best-kept manufacturing secret in Europe right now. So, now the secrets out, Poland for manufacturing is where you need to be.

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Poland - the EU’s biggest success story

Poland is currently the most attractive country in the EU to establish companies and operations. It is first in the number of investment projects in the CEE. Boasting 256 new business projects with a 21% year over year increase. In case you didn't know, the CEE, Central and Eastern European Countries, is a group of countries including Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungar, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and of course Poland.

Poland also takes second place for job creation, thanks to a staggering 22,074 jobs, due to FDI emphasis. Only the UK creates more jobs than Poland. FDI is the Foreign Direct Investment. What differentiates an FDI from a portfolio investment is that FDIs are an investment made with the intentions of actual business interests.

Poland wants to dress the world

I am going to hit you with some impressive facts and figures now.

Poland can pump products out, they take second place in the entire EU for a total number of manufacturers. There are a staggering 26,600 clothing companies located in the country.

And, Made in Poland is serious about ramping up its export game. Between 2012-2016 international sales of Polish clothing increased by 70%, from EUR 2.6 billion to EUR 4.4 billion. Estimates predict that by 2022 the Polish fashion market will be worth more than EUR 10.3 billion. So, to break that down for you, that’s 50% growth in just one decade.

But, Made in Poland isn’t trying to compete with everyone. Taking a page from their German neighbors their manufacturing expertise is strategic.


What is amber?

Amber is a symbol of Made in Poland and has been a cornerstone of Polish design for thousands of years, basically since the stone age.

The amber found in Poland comes from the Baltic Sea. Because of this, it is called Baltic Amber. And, it is famous for its beautiful variety of colors and magical healing and health properties. Polish cosmetic companies make special elixirs and beauty products with amber derived ingredients.

Thousands of years ago during the days of the silk road, Amber was one of the most important goods transported on the route from Asia to Europe. Thus, earning the name, Baltic Gold.

Amber - a symbol of Made in Poland

made in poland amber artisans work station
An amber artisans work station.

Today, the amber industry in Poland combines new designs and manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship and techniques.

Amber is a symbol of Polish design and culture. There are over 1000 Polish companies producing silver and gold jewelry with amber adornments. And, most of these companies are located in Gdańsk. There is such a large market for amber design that Poland is now the third producer of silver and gold jewelry in all of Europe, and obviously first in production of amber.

Poland has about 70% of the worlds amber market. The town of Gdańsk which sits on the Baltic Sea is the world center for amber trade. Each year EUR 200 million worth of amber jewelry is prepared for export to 80 different countries worldwide. Interestingly, the biggest amber customers are Asia, the United States, and Western Europe.


The leather industry is another hot export industry in made in Poland. In 2013 the leather industry in Poland was worth 2013 EUR 690 million, by 2016 it was worth EUR 1 billion. This rapid growth is in thanks to the countries growing number of leather companies. Today, there are 5,800 leather companies operating in Poland.

Made in Poland leather is primed to compete with Italy and France for fine leather goods. Polish product offers a high quality of raw materials. And, their designs are on trend and are offered at a competitive price point. Lastly, Poland deliveries are on time and reliable.

Ethical leather in Poland

Currently, in Poland, there is little push for ethical leather options. Generally, there is little emphasis (that is not to say none) on sustainable and ethical fashion. Poland associates sustainable fashion as not being fast fashion.


Poland is the 4th largest manufacturer of furs in Europe with an 11% market share in the European market, And, they are the 6th largest seller of furs in the world. The sector employs over 60,000 people.

Ethical Furs In Europe

In January 2018 Norway put an end to fur farming after a history of being one of the world's largest producers of fox pelts. They were following the trend sent by the Czech Republic in August of 2017 banning fur farming.

Today, more and more countries are following suit by banning fur farming including Luxembourg, and Belgium, which aims to end fur farming by 2023.

Other countries that have banned or are phasing out fur farming are the Republic of Macedonia (2014), Serbia (2019) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2029).  And, Poland is currently reviewing legislation that would ban fur farming as well.


The polish lingerie export industry is currently worth EUR 141 million. There are 500 underwear and stocking manufacturers making in Poland who export primarily to Germany, Netherlands, Austria, and Scandinavia. And, in the future, Poland is pushing to expand into Brazil, Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, and Australia markets.


Poland produces 42 million pairs of shoes each year, from the 3000 shoemaking companies that call the country their home. Because of this Poland is the 4th biggest shoe producer in Europe.

So, why make in Poland?


Poland has a strategic geographic location at the center of Europe. The country borders Germany Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. The capital of Poland is Warsaw and transportation is convenient by plane, train, and even car to other major European cities like Berlin, Moscow, and Vienna.

One of the most important geographic advantages of Poland is the countries access to the Baltic Sea and that the country boasts four major ports of import/export - Gdansk, Gdynia, Świnoujście, and Szczecin, and, dozens of smaller local ports.

Poland is one of the most important countries in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), and four major international trade routes. The EU has been proactive in sponsoring infrastructure developments to help increase access, with an emphasis on road development.

And, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Poland is one of the fastest growing aviation markets on the continent. This is in part thanks to low-cost flights, and Polish airports acting as hubs for European travel. As Poland's popularity as a trade and travel destination continues to grow the Polish government is making plans for the expansion and creation of additional airports.

Poland’s central location and description as the gateway to Europe has influenced foreign companies to invest, specifically in logistical centers responsible for moving goods throughout the EU. Because of this foreign demand, Poland has over 11.2 million square meters of warehouse space available for rent, with 75% of that space centrally positioned around the capital of Warsaw.

Young, highly educated population

Poland considers its people one of their greatest assets. Because of this, foreign investors appreciate their labor force too. Poles have excellent qualifications, strong communication skills, and are proficient in many languages. They are innovative, creative, and well-educated. Because of this finding well-qualified employees is easy. And, they work for reasonable rates.

There are 38.5 million Polish citizens, and in comparison to other European countries, they are young. About 42% of the countries population is under the age of 35.

Poland has 370 academic centers that teach 1.5 million students. In Poland, there are 95,000 specialists who teach at the university level, with over 45,000 of them holding Ph. D.’s. Poland is so focused on education that 1/10 of all students in the EU are Polish.

In all of Central and Eastern Europe, Poles account for only 24% of the population but account for 40% of the regions GDP. These people are high level, hard workers.

Poland's high importance on education has lead to groundbreaking scientific discoveries including the discovery of the first extrasolar planetary system, technology to produce a blue laser, a new production process to create the world's smallest synthetic diamonds, a way to isolate queen cells from bone marrow, an unmanned helicopter, a modern prosthetic hand, and in 2018 the launch of the first Polish commercial satellite.

Polish scientists were asked to be part of the Rosetta mission - the first procession landing on a comet.

Polish students even figured out a way for cars to drive 607 kilometers on only a single liter of fuel - inventing the Kropelka at Warsaw University of Technology.

Technology drives innovation and contributes to a healthy economy, and Poland is on the cutting edge.

Economic stability

Poland is stable and extremely self-reliant with a healthy domestic market. In 2016 the relation of exports to GDP was only 52.1%. To put that into perspective comparison, nearby countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia were at 79.3%, 92.2%, and 93.6%, indicating that Poland’s self-sufficient economy is protected by foreign markets. This is partially done to the fact that the zloty is still relatively weak in comparison to the Euro, making exports cheaper and more profitable for foreign investors, and keeping domestic goods expensive.

Poland also keeps a low debt, at 53.2% of GDP, with other countries in the union ballooning to offer 83.5%

Investment incentives

Poland offers special incentives for foreign investors - areas of support include, special economic zones, real estate tax, financial support form European Union funds (specifically for research and development), and employment opportunities.

Special economic zones

Special economic zones (SEZ), are special areas of Poland that have extra benefits to investors. The purpose of these zones is to encourage foreign business and accelerate growth in strategic geographic areas.

Currently, there are 14 Special Economic Zones. They were established in 1996 and will continue to operate until 2026.

The Special economic zones are located in Slupsk, Sopot, Suwalki, Olsztyn, Kostrzyn, Legnica, Kamienna Gora, Walbrzych, Katowice, Krakow, Mielec, Tarnobrzeg, Starachowice, and Lodz.

income tax exemption

One of the key advantages of doing business in these zones is an income tax exemption for entrepreneurs. And, the minimum investment to take advantage of these zones is EUR 100,000.

Real estate tax exemption

Real estate tax exemption is also offered in these special economic zones.

R&D Tax Relief Scheme

This type of aid for foreign investment is relatively new, only being introduced in January of 2018. This new legislation allows companies that are conducting their research and development phase in Poland to deduct 100% of their costs.

And, as an added bonus these deductions can be taken with other deductions for a total of up to 150%.

Not just fashion

Made in Poland is not only taking over the market for fashion manufacturing but other industries as well.


Poland is second for automotive manufacturing output. There are a total of 40 automotive plants in Central Eastern Europe, and 16 of those factories are in Poland. Fiat, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Mercedes-Benz all use Poland as a central manufacturing hub.

Poland is also one of the EU’s top manufacturers of trucks, buses, and trams.


Poland has over 200 aerospace companies, that employ over 30,000 people and is a member of the European Space Agency.


Although rapidly growing, biotechnology is a new industry to Poland.


Move over China, Poland is one of the biggest suppliers of electronics, specifically TV’s to EU markets.

Food processing

Poland specializes in meat, dairy, alcohol, fruit, vegetables, and sugar and is home to international corporations like Heinz, Unilever, and Nestle.


Companies like Microsoft, HP, Google, Oracle, and IBM all take advantage of Poland's highly educated workforce and low labor costs.

Renewable energy

Poland aims to tap into their favorable wind conditions and increase their renewable energy to 15.5% by 2020.

Made in Poland China

Poland also has a rich history of ceramics and China. The first china factory was established in 1784. The ornamental plates are known for their intricate designs. Today, Bolesławiec is the capital city of Poland, where the best made in Poland dinnerwear can be found.

Poland's success

In all of these sectors, Poland’s success lies in its ability to manufacture with expertise that we would associate with Made in America, yet, maintain a relatively low labor cost comparatively.

A fun place to explore

made in poland Gdańsk
Seriously, how cute is this town?

Well, here is something only a true industry insider would get excited about. Poland is a fun place to be. When you pick a place to make your goods, you end up spending a lot of time there - visiting factories, meeting with partners, putting out fires.

Most of the time those places are in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Multiple times I have not been able to find the industrial area or village I was in on a map.

If you have to travel for work, Poland is a great place to spend time. It’s closer than Asia and easily accessible to other areas of Europe for quick trips. The people are friendly, the cost of living is relatively cheap, the food is delicious, and the towns are super cute. If I have to spend time overseeing my goods in a factory line, Poland is a fun place to do it.

Polish Manufacturing Directory



Agata Calka

+48 507 072 655

Agata Całka graduated from the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź at the faculty of jewelry design. She gained her first experience in her father’s workshop, where she started to work as a teenager. Connected with amber since her childhood, she has been putting all her effort into realizing her own vision. She has received many rewards and has astonished everyone with her new creations. As well as designing jewelry, she also runs together with her husband two big amber galleries and the first Amber Museum in Warsaw.

Thanks to her passion and involvement Agata Całka creates elegant, beautiful and sophisticated amber jewelry which may sometimes come across as extravagant but is always practical.

Falling in love with this unique stone, she decided to prove that amber jewelry doesn’t have to be boring. In her designs, we see that stones dating back millions of years can be transformed into something modern and sophisticated.

Amber Apple

+48 58 341 99 85

When in 1977, Mr. Eugeniusz Kreja started a business following the paths of the best jewelry traditions, winning the trust of thousands of satisfied customers was a natural turn of things. After 20 years, in 1997, my daughter joined her father. Ms. Joanna Kreja-Wójcikiewicz has been at the forefront of the company since then, running a family business with Mr. Eugeniusz. 

Attention to detail, searching for new solutions and expanding the range of available products made our recipients return regularly with new orders.

Thanks to the huge production and technological base, no design proposed by the client exceed our capabilities. 

Over the years, our experience, knowledge of the market and customers' needs from everywhere, allowed us to successfully carry out orders and participate in trade fairs around the globe! 

Amber Art Gutowski

AMBER-ART-GUTOWSKI has been on the market for 20 years. We are a respected producer of jewellery and craft goods made of amber. Since 1996 we have been a member of International Amber Association. We offer a great choice of jewellery and artistic goods containing amber. We specialize in the production of unique goods, which great variety appeals to the most sophisticated tastes. In order to fulfill your expectations our goods are full of interesting pattern-designing, unique style & charm and very precise handiwork. Thanks to the creativity and originality of our designers and hand-made work, our jewelry is of the highest artistic quality. We still look for more inspirations in designing new patterns so our offer is characterized by fashionable model-making and style.

We aim our products at wholesale trade in the country and abroad. We provide our customers with professional advice, reliable service, and short delivery times even with large orders. The company welcomes co-operation with all those who value the beauty and magic of amber.

Ambermoda Mariusz Gliwinski

+48 501 414 900

Ambermoda owned by Danuta and Mariusz Gliwinski is a brand that has been present in the world jewellery market for decades. Our collection has a unique character and is hand made in Poland with the use of selected pieces of natural baltic amber. Every single jewellery piece is signed by the author, marked by the MG logo and carries the international quality certificate. We constantly cooperate with the fashion designers, take part in the jewellery competitions, international jewellery exhibitions and worldwide shows. We are particularly proud of inclusion of our company to the prestigious "Design in Poland" government program, whose mission is to promote the best Polish products in Europe and in the world. Ambermoda is one of the few companies to hold the International amber Association certificate, which is only granted to the companies that use exclusively natural Baltic amber.

Amber Ring Stanislaw Calka

+48 507 072 650

The founders of Amber-Ring Company are Agata and Stanisław Całka, the alumni of the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź at the faculty of jewellery design. The company has existed since 1999, the year in which they both decided to set up and run their own enterprise. Connected with amber since their adolescence, they have put all their effort and drive into the realisation of their own vision. Thanks to their passion and involvement Amber-Ring is a place where very elegant, beautiful and sensuous jewellery is created, which may sometimes come across as extravagant but it is always practical. Designing new models of jewellery they match the inspiration that is derived from nature with simple geometrical shapes, and that is what makes their models unique and distinguishable. Novel collections projected in Amber-Ring are characterized by a wide variety of design and colour gamut.

Amber Garden

+48 534 020 808

We offer a wide range of silver and gold jewelry with amber and unique amber products. We have casting jewelry and many collections and designs made by hand in traditional and modern design - necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, rings as well as decorative items such as knives, boxes, spoons, etc. 

For the production of our jewelry, we use only natural raw material amber. 

The latest design line prefers simple forms displaying the unique beauty of amber. 

We regularly introduce new designs to our offer. 

The company is a member of the National Chamber of Amber and the International Amber Association and we have a certificate confirming the quality of our work.

We guarantee high quality, attractive conditions and reliable and timely delivery of orders. 

Arsen Amber

+48 533 950 350

Arsen Amber is a young Polish jewelry company founded in 2012. Our goal is the production and sales of luxury amber jewelry, made accordingly to the world's highest standards. We employ only high-end jewelry craftsmen and masters who have many years of experience working with amber.

Bodex Boguslaw Klepacki

+48 85 711 94 27

+48 602 290 060

The Bodex company exists since 1993 and is a producer of high-quality silver jewelry with natural stones. In our regularly enriched offer, you will find a wide range of products, many of which are made by hand. Thanks to that, we adjust them to the individual needs of customers in the country and abroad. 

The experience and professionalism that make up the dynamic development of the company allow us to guarantee high quality, competitive prices and timeliness of deliveries.


+48 58 670 48 69

Our company has been in the amber industry for over a dozen years. We design and manufacture unique silver jewelry with Baltic amber.

We have managed to create our own recognizable style, often referred to as "modern classics". Our designers preparing new collections try to follow the fashion trends. However, the main inspiration for all projects is amber. We want the silver frame primarily to emphasize its natural beauty.

Initially, our company was a multi-person jewelry workshop. We currently employ a group of qualified jewelers and amber cutters. Our own jewelry workshop and amber grindery allow us full control over the production process. Thanks to this, we are sure that our jewelry is the highest quality product. 

Every year we take part in the Amberif trade fair in Gdańsk and JOGS in Tucson, AZ in the United States. It is not only an opportunity for us to present the current offer but above all, the possibility of direct meetings with clients.

We are a member of the International Amber Association.

We work with showrooms and store chains in Poland and abroad.

Frou Frou Jolanta Gazda

(silver jewelry only)

+48 602 441 248

Behind the FROU FROU brand, Jolanta Gazda is a would-be mathematician, a costumer-make-up artist on vacation and a seeker of interesting goldsmith forms. She learned the goldsmith's profession in the Antidote Plant under the watchful eye of professionals. He is a member of the Goldsmiths Creators' Association and the international organization KLIMT02, associating jewelry designers from around the world.

Galeria Bursztyn Tadeusz Dobkowski

+48 501 892 620



+48 42 719 0895

The companies mission is to gain the confidence of every woman. The company realizes the mission by designing lingerie that meets the expectations of women, which is tailored the needs at different times in their lives. We believe in improving production processes, and creating satisfying jobs enable the development of our employees. Transformation of cooperation into a partnership is a core belief, as well as building a spirit of shared responsibility for the society in which we operate. 


+48 85 67 54 954

Axami is a producer of luxurious women’s lingerie.

Collections charm with embroidery, laces, satin, tulles, and richness of colors and designs. Now you can enjoy all the shades of white, black, red, ecru, pink, green, blue and many more…

Collections vary with adornments, like frills, bows, laces and exceptional jewelry. These seductive offers are at the same time graceful and elegant.

Collections consist of:

  • PUSH-UP (padded) bras, beautifully shaping the bust; open bras (shelf bras);
  • string (thong), shorts, briefs; open string;
  • garter belts and stockings;
  • corsets;
  • babydolls;
  • accessories: gloves, masks, peniuars;

In order to meet the expectations of women with broad imagination, we create daring and sexy collections, that are also subtle and of high aesthetics.

We fulfill women’s desires by offering lingerie that is exceptional and unique.

Having in mind our clients’ needs, we follow the latest fashion trends and participate in fashion shows (Paris, Lyon). It is the satisfaction of our clients, that motivates us and inspires our work.

Our advantage is a long-term experience – we’ve existed in the market for almost 2 decades. This allows us to creatively adjust to our clients’ needs and expectations. 


+48 85 744 59 83

Our collections are not only bras and panties, but also tempting corsets and nightgowns. Each of the ladies, regardless of the figure, will find in our offer the right bra model. Depending on your preferences, it can be push-up, full-cup, half-cup, semi-soft or so-called. All bras are offered in a wide range of sizes depending on the figure of the woman (circuits 65-100 cm, cups AI).

Our products are designed for modern women who want to feel beautiful and sensual. A group of talented designers is working on this, which deliberately chooses subtle knitwear, sensual embroidery, and lace. Looking at the details decorating our underwear, one can notice how much we care for Ava products to be sensual and unique.


+48 32 762 50 36

Specializes in intimates


+48 517 607 458

Specializes in intimates.


+48 33 845 60 30

For 20 years we have been a producer of swimsuits. Our potential is the highly qualified staff. We specialize in the production of women's swimsuits and beachwear. Every year, we make sure that, with the highest quality of products, we offer you a unique collection in which every woman will feel special. We sew from the best quality materials and use sophisticated additives. The overriding goal is to preserve the highest quality of manufactured products. The widest offer in our collection is costumes for large breasts and body shaping. In addition, the company offers fashions with a traditional pop-up bowl, classic bikinis, and one-piece costumes. Every year, the offer is extended by numerous beach accessories such as: tunics, dresses, panties and beach accessories.

Ferax / Gatta

+48 43 824 44 58

For several decades, the Gatta brand has been supporting Polish women with high-quality underwear, clothing, tights, and accessories. Currently, we are the most well-known producer of Polish underwear; we take an active part not only in improving our products but also in promoting them on Polish and international fashion runs.

Tights for every woman

Our domain for many years are tights, which we create based on modern production technologies. As part of several different lines, we offer both smooth tights for women, as well as those decorated with numerous patterns. The products do not lack functional tights, for example with the effect of BB cream, matting, covering imperfections, actively combating cellulite or modeling the figure. I recommend both durable, super-thin tights, as well as thicker ones, perfect for cooler seasons.

Fashionable women's clothing

Our women's clothing is made of a combination of knowledge about materials and developed production technology. To this, we also add compliance with current trends - and in this way, we can offer all women's clothing adjusted not only to their needs but also fashion or season.


Gatta lingerie combines femininity, comfort and great materials for the skin. There is no shortage of both classic everyday underwear, including seamless and sexy sets for the evening for two. The offer includes modeling or thermoactive underwear, ideal for all active people.


+48 42 636 29 97

We represent a woman’s point of view from her waist all the way down to her tippy toes! Parisian chic and Italian sex appeal is a combination that has inspired us since 1998. Joie de vivre is not only a striped long sleeve shirt and a basket on a bicycle to us – for us, it is living life to the fullest and the ability to take care of one’s self.

Created for women, by women – FiORE commits itself to beauty in a whole new way. Our basic lines, inspired by life, are just the beginning – our four special collections correspond with the most popular trends and change with the seasons. We want to unleash joy, to spice up every day and be part of your unique style.

We are not here to create problems to solve, but to respond to women’s actual needs. To make this possible, we work with an amazing team of designers, cutters, and seamstresses, who think alike, with the Polish-French head of the design team, Agnieszka Mantusz, at the helm. Our every day at Fiore is listening to the voices of women like us.


+48 42 679 26 97

Gabriella was founded in 1996 in Łódź - a city with textile history and identity. The passion of creation meant that in a few years we became one of the largest producers of hosiery in Poland. The story of Gabriella is the continuous development and investment in technology, to always give women the best.

The breakthrough moment in the company's history was 2010, when Gabriella changed its headquarters. It allowed creating one of the newest machine parks in Poland. Advanced technologies, the highest quality components and experienced staff make. that we can realize any, even the most demanding order. This is evidenced by the presence of store shelves in over 35 countries around the world.

Knowledge and practice have made us multiple winners of prizes and awards. Gabriella was awarded, among others the prize "Best in Poland" and "Laurel Consumer 2014"


Argentum Yacht Tuning

+48 606 44 11 27

Upcycled bags made from ship sales.

Bluebirds & Company

+48 505 199 815

At Bluebirds & Co. we have one goal - to create clothes that you will love from the first insertion. You will be captivated by our brand when you receive a parcel from us, touch the material and spend the first day in your "Bluebirds".

Our clothes are unforced elegance, which, depending on the styling, suits both the office and the holiday getaway with friends. It all depends on you, your preferences and what you want to do.

You can use the ready options, but also create the perfect dress in our wizard. Choose the top and bottom shape and decide on the color. What's more, you can buy a new module (up or down) in the future and buy new combinations of Bluebirds stylizations.

Choosing Bluebirds & Co. you are sure that when you create clothes, we do not compromise. Each product is hand-cut and sewn from high-end materials. That's why you have to wait several days for our dresses. And all this happens in Małgorzata sewing room, in which she personally controls the quality of each dress.


+48 790 559 040


+48 65 511 87 00

Coccodrillo is a brand of clothing for babies and children known to parents. Each year, a specialized team designs an autumn-winter and spring-summer offer. In total, every season, dozens of diverse collections are created, both for girls and boys. Care is taken to ensure that every parent in Coccodrillo stores finds what he is looking for. The offer includes everyday clothes, sports and elegant. When creating projects, the Issuer is always guided by children's fantasy, because the youngest is really evaluating his products. The company pays the highest attention to the issue of quality and functionality.


+48 537 025 047

In fashion, we value what is unique. We emphasize your individuality and uniqueness with the color and the cut of our clothes. collections are created in limited editions, and individual models are signed.

Luzu. Based on the patterns and colors, we do not forget about cuts, which we adjust to the function and purpose. Our clothes are fascinating not only with beauty but also with comfort.

About satiety. We believe that fashion does not have to be boring at all. We take you to the planet of flowers, animals and cosmic nature. Imagine Cobra, Leopard, Moth, Crane or Pegasus in the Forest, Jungle or Morocco. Can you? And these are just selected names of our own collections ...

Desert Snow

+48 509 086 996

Enugo Natalia Golec

+48 503 148 087

Enugo is the recreated wardrobe for the modern woman. We redefine men’s classic shirts and suits to offer

new uniform suitable for dynamic power women of today.


Enugo styles are produced in Polish Pomerania, with fair paid workmanship and care of local relationships.


We use high-quality wool, silk, and cotton for comfortable wearing, for the longest use. During the pattern making process we implement zero waste technique to reduce the quantity of used fabric.


We are women. Our team uses fashion as a creative megaphone. We implement design doing mission to create change by thoughtful collections that empower groups with social disadvantage.


+48 501 399 373

EZURI  - is a Polish family brand founded in 2012, with three-generation traditions. The cradle of our company is Łódź, a city famous for its textile craftsmanship. The family history confirms our great experience and commitment to creating fashion at the highest level. And so, my grandfather Zdzisław was involved in measuring tailoring, creating the highest quality clothes. Thoughtful selection of fabrics, a close relationship with the customer and attention to detail are values ​​that have accompanied us for generations, also today in the creation of modern collections. I am sure that many of my grandfather's projects are still in demand in many men's and women's dressing rooms, enjoying the eye of the owners who value Vintage fashion. 


Benericetti Polska

+48 509 494 728



+48 33 876 76 66

Edek Eugeniusz Madej

+48 33 876 52 30



International Amber Association

+48 58 580 00 22

  • Providing Baltic amber with a high rank in Poland and on the world market
  •   Establishing permanent cooperation with foreign research centers
  •   Establishment of the Baltic amber identification system
  •   Cooperation with state authorities and local self-government in the field of protection of the amber profession and related professions 
  •   Inspiring research aimed at searching, documenting and exploiting amber deposits
  •   Help the collector's movement of natural amber specimens and collections of ancient and contemporary artistic amber art 
  •   Inspiring and conducting publishing activities
  •   Cooperation with schools and vocational training centers
  •   Undertaking all activities to ensure the sustainable development of Polish amber industry

Jubilex Siezieniewski

If You are looking for a company with tradition ( on market since 1983 ), family company ( Two brothers and their mom), a company with great relations ( please join us for a coffee a tour office to check on that one) – then You are at the right place.

If You are looking for jewelry goods made of silver, silver with amber, silver with Stones or gold plated silver we truly believe and hope You will be able to find something for You and Your customers in our wide offer.

If You need to see the goods personally – we do have a great distribution team and we visit shows all around Europe and Worldwide.

We try our best to keep our designs updated. We are open for each business proposition.

We have a lot of different machines so we are able to prepare nearly each requested design.


+48 882 930 299

Designing and production of eyewear jewelry is a complex, multi-step process.

The vision, enthusiasm and hard work on the project, helped transform the idea into reality. 

As a result, the world's first glasses that combine a timeless elegance of amber with the most current trends in the fashion world was created.

Each pair of re-sin eyewear jewelry is hand-made. Used components are unique Baltic amber, called Baltic gold, 

14 carat gold, the highest Italian quality Mazzucchelli acetate and impressive Zeiss glass.

The Amber which is adorning re-sin eyewear, was shaped by 40milion years. 

Each one has an individual and unique character - in that, there is no second identical pair of eyewear in the world. 

Also, that’s why our glasses are signed by an individual number, and the whole original series of the round model "R" has only 1,000 pieces.



+48 58 341 54 70


+48 58 664 60 00

S&A S.A is being one of the most renowned companies in the jewelry business.

Our company organization includes a design office that maintains permanent supervision over technology and patterns. Our resources contain more than 7 000 patterns,  whose main supplier is SILVER & AMBER production company.

S&A S.A. is working with renowned designers. We launch new collections twice a year, and we provide special collections for business partners (Swarovski).

We take part in the most important jewelry fair events and develop unique collections for special occasions and fashion shows.

Tears of Time

+48 42 611 90 03

The Tears of Time story is about people who share their passion for amber.

It is a story about a company with a distinctive amber brand and exceptional products. A company that in just a few years has made a journey from a local amber jewelry workshop in Poland to a jewelry brand with stores present in the major cities of China.

Sokolowski Beata Sokolowska

+48 602 723 850


+48 602 124 025

The portal is an informative and promotional world of the jewelry industry - a virtual CITY OF JEWELERS, a meeting place for producers, buyers, and buyers of the jewelry industry, in which there is space for professionals in the areas of trade, services, and jewelry production, experts and users who want to share your knowledge, experience, and place ads.

There is also a place for companies and services from auxiliary industries such as: trade fairs, conferences, packaging, semi-finished products, tools, machine equipment, education and other extremely important for the business and achieving the competitiveness of the entity.

Klejnot Pracownia Bizuterii

+48 556 00 10

We design and manufacture silver jewelry with amber, as well as other precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

In our offer, you will find many designs, more than 5000, both modern and traditional.

Our extensive experience guarantees the highest quality of products manufactured by us.

Japanese and Italian technologies on which we base our production, they allow for the execution of the most complicated orders.

We invite you to cooperation.

Orient Style

+48 516 074 878

Orient Style as a manufacturer offers unique and contemporary jewelry made of gold, silver, titanium and high quality precious and semiprecious stones.

We are the family company from Poland selling through the biggest polish chains and independent jewelry retailers as well.

Although focused on our own projects, we are open for customer’s ideas and can manufacture by order. With laser technology, our jewelry combines gemstones with gold, titanium, and silver.


+48 502 673 680

Former jewelers knew that precious stones have their own soul and energy, and the art of making jewelry is about fitting a suitable stone to the personal energy of a human being. We have been jewelry designers for over 40 years. The second generation, under the supervision of a master, turns raw bullion bars into jewelry, which impresses with style and precision of workmanship. We create our artistic, unique jewelry in the studio from scratch, starting from design, through manual grinding of stones, binding them to laborious polishing of the final product, with exceptional care and quality. Only this process allows us to achieve the best results in the form of unique designs, sophisticated cut of stones, preserving their beauty and variety of shapes. Manual polishing allows us to finish the products extremely carefully. We never play our projects again, we only do the same. The works of our hands are works of jewelry art made with reverence of the methods of the former masters of goldsmiths, and our dream is that the jewelry we produce, as it used to be, passed down from generation to generation as family keepsakes bringing memories of people, times and emotions associated with their receiving or giving. The secret of our creations lies in the fact that we are in love with beautiful things, treat our work as art and give it all our heart, talent and passion it was passed down from generation to generation as family keepsakes bringing memories of people, times and emotions related to their receiving or giving. The secret of our creations lies in the fact that we are in love with beautiful things, treat our work as art and give it all our heart, talent and passion it was passed down from generation to generation as family keepsakes bringing memories of people, times and emotions related to their receiving or giving. The secret of our creations lies in the fact that we are in love with beautiful things, treat our work as art and give it all our heart, talent and passion.

Zaklad Zlotniczy Jacek Gawlak

+48 603 591 010



+48 882 827 070

Since the establishment of the Julimex company, we have been guided by the philosophy of increasing comfort in everyday life. Our products are designed so that thanks to their use of products, life was more convenient. We want our assortment to be fully satisfying, that's why we constantly consult our solutions, check their usability and develop them to meet growing expectations. The products we offer are a combination of innovative activities with maximum functionality in everyday use.

We achieve our goals not only through precursory solutions but also through a series of additional activities aimed at a better understanding of women's needs, overcoming existing stereotypes, supporting breast cancer prevention and healthy living awareness. Our principle of operation is a continuous dialogue with women to stay as close as possible to their needs.


+48 605 889 178

Konrad Lingerie

+48 43 678 17 52

Specializing in bridal lingerie. 

Lady Kama

+48 42 276 70 00

The Lady Kama company, a hosiery manufacturer, is a family company created by people with passion and it was this passion and hard work that marked the beginning of our company in 1990. 

Qualified staff, the use of the yarns of the most renowned companies and the use of modern machines and technological lines, guarantees that the range offered is at the best level.

Our products are successfully at home and abroad.

We create with women in mind, their needs, we care for their comfort and elegance.

We hope that the rich offer and color of products will give you full satisfaction and satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

FHU Mata / Passion FOR EXPORT

+48 32 762 50 36

Womens pajama and lingerie line.


+48 508 060 201


+48 600 226 697

We are a company that has been on the market since 1990, we deal with the production and distribution of lingerie and hosiery. Every season, we try to increase our offer to the satisfaction of our customers and clients. To meet your expectations, we decided to create an online lingerie store. You will find here our underwear and tights " Viki ", Italian tights Bellafonte and proposals of the Polish company Hanna Style.

We sell hosiery products from the well-known Italian company BELLEFONTE , which was the first to obtain the ISO 9002 certificate in Italy, which proves the implementation and observance of a rigorous system of quality control of the production of products.

We invite you to visit the Information Corner, where we explain a few basic concepts in the field of lingerie. We invite you to visit our online store frequently, where interesting promotions are organized. We also encourage you to send us feedback about the store and its offer.


+48 724 050 189

We are a company dealing in the production and distribution of underwear and clothing. The beginnings of the activity were modest. However, thanks to the involvement of a group of people with extensive experience gained both on the domestic and foreign market, our company is winning the trust of customers. We strive to ensure that the range we offer meets the expectations of our clients.


+48 85 732 60 77

The Vena lingerie collection is a combination of subtlety, gentleness, and romance. It’s delicate French lace and Italian embroidery, that will wrap the woman’s body.


+48 882 788 500

Specializing in bold socks.


Giacomo Conti

+48 61 839 12 40

Giacomo Conti is a dynamically developing Polish fashion brand, founded in 2006, which for years has been at the forefront of the men's fashion industry. At its foundation lie two traditions - on the one hand, the tradition of Polish tailoring, taking care of every detail, on the other - the tradition of Italian design lightness.

Thanks to this synergy, the brand's products strike the tastes of both lovers of classic elegance and seekers of modern chic based on global trends in men's fashion.

Lenny Lamb

+48 222 57 888 2

When an awaited baby comes into this world, you experience a miracle. Each moment seems to be magical. A few days later you know being a parent may turn out to be not so simple.

The LennyLamb project is a project weaved with love for children and the willingness to help adults. The project, which teaches how to survive the hardship of parenthood in a natural closeness and without being exhausted.  


+48 609 233 997

The LAZAR clothing company has been operating on the market since 1977. The company places special emphasis on fashionable design and high quality of its products, produces on the domestic and foreign markets, specializing in the production of elegant suits and suits from high-quality fabrics. The chain of LAZAR showrooms offers collections of the LAZAR brand and many other renowned, both domestic and foreign producers. Fashionable, original and timeless collections - always of the highest quality.


+48 782 412 212

Because we feel that you are unique! And that's why we want to create the perfect duo with you! Open us the hem of your soul and we will emphasize your originality.

We guarantee you functional clothes that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Macosa is a brand created in 2012 and has been producing locally in Poland since its inception. 

We do not try to make a great ideology for our clothes, for us it's just 'just a fashion that we want to emphasize your identity, so it is important that it is produced and used fairly. 

We direct our projects to conscious, energetic, working women and mothers, which is why we focus on comfortable originality. 

Magnetix Gorszwa

+48 42 683 18 40

We are the national leader in the provision of textile bonding services with polyurethane foam and polyurethane adhesive operating on the market since the early 90's.

We have a modern machine park adapted for flame and adhesive lamination as well as cutting and extruding laminates, thanks to which we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive services in the production of textile components.

Milimoda Iwona Maj Ewa Zuchowska

+48 721 866 261

Moove Fashion

+48 698 999 055

Womenswear brand.


+48 42 214 11 69


NIK - Shoes Factory

+48 500 064 860

Specializing in leather shoes.

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