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gsm to oz / sq yd to gsm

just plug in the numbers and let us do the math for you

more about the calculation

the magic number for this calculation is 33.906

that is because 1 oz/sq yd = 33.906 gsm

so the calculation for gsm to oz / sq yd is...

gsm / 33.906 = oz / sq yd

and, the calculation for oz / sq yd to gsm is...

oz / sq yd x 33.906 = gsm

how did we get the magic number 33.906

first we need to convert meters to yards:

1 oz = 28.3495231 grams

next we need to convert grams to ounces:

1 yard = .09144 meters

remember 1 sq yd = 1 yard x 1 yard

so, converting to 1 sq yd to sq meters is .9144 meter x .9144 meter

which equals .83612736 sq meters

now we put those two conversion calculations together:

1 oz / 1 sq yd =

28.3495231 grams / .83612736 square meters


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