Hi! I'm Melanie, the Founder of virtue + vice

I am a fast fashion industry veteran who decided to start my own clothing line after spending most of my career working in mills and factories in far-off corners of the world, I have seen, worked, and lived in places most people would never want to experience, these places are where our clothes are made.

I started this business with one goal in mind: to give a voice to the people behind our clothing. And so, with my background in Textile Development from the Fashion Institute of Technology and years of first-hand industry experience, I set out to start a brand focused on the stories textiles and fashion can tell.

One of my favourite things while traveling the world is that every place you go has it’s own unique indigenous textiles. These fabrics have evolved and stood the test of time, and now serve as a window into history. By learning about a culture's influence on a fabric, we set the stage for our workers' stories.

The fabrics I use are made by hand, so the clothes they create are as unique as the individuals who made them. Part of the beauty of these fabrics are the small “flaws” and irregularities created by humans, not machines, which results in no two pieces ever being identical.

Please make sure to check out our virtue + vice blog to learn more about my experiences in fast fashion, and the world of sustainable and ethical fashion.