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virtue + vice is a full package sustainable + ethical manufacturing resource, that also gives curious consumers a behind the seams look at how fashion is made.

Hi, I'm Melanie DiSalvo, founder of virtue + vice

After working in fast fashion for 7 years I left my position as Director of Product Development with the goal of helping brands clean up their supply chains. virtue + vice is a consultancy company for not only brands, but also their customers.

At the time I left fast fashion I had a great salary, was working my way up the corporate ladder, under 30 and already had a director's title, and was traveling the world to develop and produce products for brands like Walmart, Target, Ralph Lauren, and Levi's to name a few.


To many people, it looked like I was living the dream. But, as my career progressed I felt more and more that the industry needed to change.


I believe that to create change in a system, first you need to know how it works. And, my years spent working overseas in fast fashion gave me an intimate understanding on how the fashion industry truly operates.


After I felt I had seen and learned enough, I made it my goal to revolutionize the industry by educating curious customers and helping brands choose better supply chain partners.


Currently I live between NYC (one of the fashion epicenters fo the world), and Goa, India (where I help many of my clients make their sustainable products). I like to think I get the best of both worlds this way.


I have been featured in publications like WWD, VOX, Sourcing Journal, Business of Fashion, and more. And, was a speaker at SXSW.


behind the seams

if you are looking for glamorous travel, this isn't that. but if you are curious about what life is like living and working in india - this is the feed for you!

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