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becoming a more conscious shopper

what I learned during plastic free july

Plastic free July - what I learned joining the plastic-free movement - reusable tote bags aren't eco, paper + metal straws could be poisoning us, sometimes making the switch from plastic to "sustainable" means consuming more stuff, and more.

capsule wardrobe for men - a complete starter guide

The complete starter guide for a mens 30 piece spring/summer capsule wardrobe. Bonus, it only needs 10 additional garments to carry over into fall/winter.

pigment dyes and pigment prints - fast fashions toxic secret

Pigment prints, pigments dyes, and their tell-tale sign of color crocking are a red flag for cheaply made clothes that can even be toxic, learn more.

beware of eco packaging greenwashing

A few weeks ago BBC broke the news about what a " biodegradable plastic bag " looked like 3 years after being buried in the ground. Spoiler, it was a little dirty, but could totally still be used. And, this left a lot of us in the sustainability community with a lot of questions about eco packaging and green packaging.

Recycled Polyester Fabric is not a solution for fast fashion

Why recycled polyester fabric is not the sollution to the fashion industries environmental issues. And, what we should be doing instead.

Nonwoven Fabrics As Filters - What You Need To Know

Nonwoven fabrics are non-sustainable textiles that are everywhere because they make our lives convenient. But, what are they? And can they be used for good?

Jaipur sightseeing tour - a locals guide

aipur sightseeing tour - A curated list of the best sights and food in The Pink City. Plus a bonus 24-hours in Jaipur itinerary.

Zero Waste India - a reuse culture of necessity, not privilege

India doesn't have to try to be zero waste, here it is a lifestyle that evolved from poverty and necessity, not a privileged choice.

Traveling To India Checklist - Everything You Need

Feeling a little overwhelmed planning your first trip to India? It's ok. Preparing for a trip to India can be a lot. There is so much to plan for, and communication can be difficult at times. We created this India travel checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Denim vs Jeans - Why They Are So Expensive

Refinery29's article All The Differences Between $200 Jeans & $20 Ones got a lot wrong. This week I use my 8 years of fashion industry product development experience to break down  what you are really buying when you purchase a $50 pair of denim jeans, a $100 pair, and a $200 pair.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Even Meat-Eaters Will Love

These vegan Thanksgiving recipes might be vegan, but I definitely wouldn't call them healthy - they are all cheat day indulgent.

Ayurvedic Clothing That Heals

In ayurvedic dying, plants give clothing pops of color and personality with the additional benefit of healing and medicinal properties.
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