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BEST HOTELS IN JAIPUR to visit in 2023

ALL OF MY FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT, SLEEP, SIGHTSEE, AND SHOP. This is a 3 part series of posts where I dive deep into all of my favorite places to hang out, eat, and stay. This week I'll give you my honest review of the best hotels in Jaipur.

Are you thinking about starting your own sustainable and ethical clothing line? If you are then Jaipur is probably on your radar. It is a must for small designers from the united states, Europe and Australia. While nearby, Delhi is a Mecca for manufacturing, small conscious brands tend to prefer Jaipur because it is easier to get around. So, if you are thinking about planning your first trip to Jaipur to start your brand, here are some tips on getting around The Pink City.

Why Jaipur?

hawa mahal wind palace jaipur

Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace) in Jaipur City

What are 3 reasons to visit Jaipur?

The architecture is inspiring, the location is convenient for travel all over India, and it's female-friendly. 

  1. It's Inspiring
    Jaipur is a creative city full of color and amazing people, so much color that even for India it can feel like sensory overload – you can’t help but feel inspired here.
  2. Location
    The location of the city is also perfect. It is nearby to Delhi, a manufacturing mecca. And, as an added benefit the Taj Mahal, and other famous cities that make for awesome weekend trips like Udaipur, Ranakpur, and Jhodpur are a short car or train ride away.
  3. It's female friendly
    The other positive for Jaipur is it’s relatively liberal and very safe for solo female travelers or really anyone that is coming to India for the first time and has safety concerns.

Jaipur's Gowing Clothing Scene

Jaipur is one of Indias fasted growing cities specializing in fashion.

bagru block printing jaipur

Block print tables in Bagru

Artisan heritage

Just outside of Jaipur in Saganeer and Bagru you will find tons of block print artisans. This particular region of Rajasthan is famous for block print fabrics. These fabrics are engrained in the culture of the city, they are on table clothes, bedding at hotels, even some car drivers have upholstered their seats with them. Jaipur is also known for other artisan crafts like pottery and jewelry.

Focus on sustainability

Did you know that polyester (petroleum, aka plastic) fabrics require different dyes than plant-based rayon fabrics? Polyester dyes and dye houses that can process these special, and much more toxic, chemicals are almost impossible to find in Jaipur. I have scoured the city, and only found one person that can dye polyester.

Instead, factories and mills choose to only work with more natural materials like cotton, silks, and plant-based synthetics. And, use non-azo toxin-free dyes. There are even a few dyers who specialize in plant-based and ayurvedic dying.

Small batch production

Most new brands have trouble finding factories that will produce only a few pieces while they are starting out and still growing. I hear so many stories of brands that had to commit to 500 or even 1000 pieces per style, and went bankrupt in the process trying to sell all their inventory off.

Jaipur loves small brands. I think this goes back to the artisan and sustainable culture. With artisans instead of machines being used it is much easier to make small batch production orders. And, it’s also way less wasteful to produce only what you can sell and not extra inventory that may end up in a landfill.

Getting Around Jaipur

The first thing you need to do when planning your trip to Jaipur is to book your accommodations. Hotels fill up really quickly from the months of October to March (when there is the best weather). So plan ahead and reserve a place to stay before you do anything else!

Do a quick google search of " hotels Jaipur India ", and you are going to be overwhelmed with options. So, forget that list of the best hotels in Jaipur by TripAdvisor, here is my personal list of my favorite hotels in Jaipur that are pre-vetted, and of course perfect for women traveling alone. Because, safety first.

Jaipur Hotels

Before you start planning all your sightseeing and fun activities you are going to need a place to stay. And, Jaipur has something for everyone from the budget backpacker to the most opulent who want to live like royalty. The amazing thing about Jaipur is that at no matter your budget you can find amazing accommodations. As a general rule, I would avoid staying near the Jaipur International Airport, and instead opt for places closer to the Jaipur city centre.

What's Important To You?

Remember while you are looking for the best hotel to stay in Jaipur, it is important to keep your personal criteria in mind. Are you looking for the best location near all the sightseeing? Something close to where you will be working? Or are you interested in really getting a taste of Maharashtra luxury?

Regardless of your needs, I promise Jaipur has something for you.

What are the best budget hotels in Jaipur?

Jaipur Backpacker Hostel

Hostels in India can be seriously nice. When I am traveling to new cities alone, where I don't really have my bearings or a network of contacts I usually choose to stay in a backpackers hostel.

But, here is the trick to living that hostel life in style. Opt for a private room. Many hostels in India offer options for private rooms with your own bathroom. This is great, because you get the community feel of a hostel, but with privacy and don't have to listen to the stranger in the next bunk over snore all night.

I always use HOSTELWORLD to search for where to stay because they have reliable reviews and make it really easy to filter places by if they have private rooms or not. They even have an app which makes booking on the go a breeze.

Best for Being Social - Moustache Jaipur Hostel

moustache hostel jaipur best hotels in jaipur

Photo credit - Moustache Hostel

Moustache Jaipur consistently makes every bloggers list of best hostels in Jaipur. And, with good reason. This place is great. The owner is lovely, the property is well kept. And, you will find awesome respectful travelers who are more down to learn about Indian culture than party. The location is close to the city center which makes sighseeting convenient. The owners of the hotel even plan special excursions like bike ride tours for the residents staying there making your stay feel more like a curated boutique experience than one of a budget backpacker.

A room in a shared dorm will run you about $5 a night (your bunk comes with privacy curtains), while a private room ranges from $14-$30 depending on the season.

Best budget hotel - hotel 7 star

No this is not a 7 star hotel in Jaipur. If staying at a hostel feels a little too college for you (fyi people of all ages stay at hostels in India) but, you are on a strict budget checking out hotel 7 star is a great option at only $8 per night.

What are the best affordable hotels in Jaipur?

What makes The Pink City so accessible is its never-ending options of affordable, and budget hotels in Jaipur India. Although the prices are low, they are all still amazing places to call home during your time in The Pink City.

Your Home Away From Home - Hotel Pearl Palace

Hotel Pearl Palace is famous for long stay guests in Jaipur Jaipur. They make coming home to a long day of work or driving around city traffic easy by offering a hip restaurant called the Peackcock Rooftop Restaurant. There is a little bit of everything on this menu, from traditional Indian thali to pad thai, or even pizza. Eatting here never gets boring.

room at hotel peral palace jaipur

Photo credit - Pearl Palace, a room at The Hotel Pearl Palace in Jaipur

What I love about the rooms here is that every one is decorated differently, and each has its own unique character.

A room here will run you about $15-$20 per night.

Hotel Kalyan and Hotel Chitra Katha

Two other hotels right on the same block as the Hotel Pearl Palace are Hotel Kalyan and Hotel Chitra Katha. So if Pearl Palace is full, don't worry try one of these out. Another bonus of the hotels in this location is that they are a quick drive from the railway station, and if you are doing work near the Amber Fort (there are lots of little artisan workshops in the area) it makes your morning commute quick and easy.

DISCLAIMER: Because of all the hotels and restaurants on this block, it can sometimes feel a little overcrowded and noisy.

Best Haveli - Anuraag Villa

guest room at anuraag villa

Guestroom at Anuraag Villa

If you are looking for something a little more hidden away and in a quieter area, try Anuraag Villa. They are a bit more pricy at about $25-$30 per night. When I first began staying there 4 years ago they were only about $11 per night (in the high season!) But, now because they have become quite popular with tourists they are raising their prices. That's ok, because, with Anuraag, which is located in Bani Park, you get a much more private and residential vibe than Hotel Pearl Palace.

garden at anuraag villa jaipur

Anuraag Villa garden view

Anuraag Villa has a back garden with real peacocks. And, every morning they play traditional Indian music. Like Pearl Palace each room is decorated differently, but are way more spacious.

What are the best heritage hotels in Jaipur?

Affordable Luxury - pearl palace heritage

room at pearl palace heritage

Photo credit - Room at Pearl Palace Heritage

After the success of the Pearl Palace Hotel, right around the corner, the owner's son has opened the Hotel Pearl Palace Heritage. This isn't an actual heritage hotel. It is a heritage style. But, OMG, does it capture the spirit of Jaipur. The decorations are symbolic of Rajasthan and India as a whole. So many patterns and colors clashing together, it shouldn't work, but somehow it does. Whoever decorated this place deserves to win an award. But, enough of my words, I'll let the pictures do the talking. During the season a room will run you about $60-$80.

Affordable heritage hotel - hotel diggi palace

hotel diggi palace jaipur india

Photo credit - Hotel Diggi Palace

This hotel is a true heritage hotel. To be classified as a heritage hotel these palaces, castles, forts, and havelies (homes) need to have been built before 1950. And, they must keep their original architecture, to preserve the traditions and culture of the area.

If you want to learn more about staying at a heritage hotel in India check out this website.

hotel diggi palace courtyard jaipur india

Photo credit - Hotel Diggi Palace courtyard

Best Hotels in Jaipur City Center - jas villas

jas villas

Image credit - Jas Villas

There are lots of good hotels in Jaipur city Center (where all the action is), but this is the best. Jas Villas is kind of like a grown-up version of Anuraag Villa. And is also located in Bani Park, only 5 mins from the infamous sites like the Hawa Mahal wind palace and Jaipur city center. The property is a sprawling mansion with balconies wrapping around the entire exterior. Rooms are large and spacious and will have you feeling like Rajasthani royalty. And, there are beautiful gardens on the property to explore or chill out in after a day of sightseeing.

Lastly, they have an outdoor swimming pool! If you are coming to Jaipur in the summer months a pool is a total game changer when trying to beat the heat.

What are the best luxury hotels in Jaipur?

5 star luxury hotels...The next few on the list are luxury five star hotels in Jaipur that will give you a taste of how royals live.

The Most Famous - Taj Rambagh Palace

taj rambagh palace

Photo credits - Cande Nast Travelere

Taj Rambagh Palace is technically considered a heritage hotel and is arguably the most famous of Jaipur palace hotels. This palace is insane. The property is part of the Taj Hotel group, known throughout India for their luxury properties. The most basic room will cost about $500 during the busy fall and winter seasons, but the prices on room upgrades go up quickly to the thousands per night. This is easily one of the most expensive hotel in Jaipur. And because of its iconic decorations and architecture, the Taj Rambagh Palace is a popular spot of brands to have photoshots and show filmings.

The palace Jaipur was originally built in 1835, and is intwined in much of the cities history. It was originally the home of the queen’s favourite handmaiden. It then transitioned into a royal guesthouse and hunting lodge. And finally, before becoming a hotel it was the residence of the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and his queen, Maharani Gayatri Devi. The palace property even offers the option to stay in the Maharaja's old sleeping chambers!

taj rambagh palace jaipur india

rooms inside the taj rambagh palace

Photo credit - Rooms in the Taj Rambagh Palace. The look like they are straight off a movie screen.

The quaint restaurant Steam is on the Rambagh Palace property. Steam serves western and Mediterranian style dishes from inside an old refurbished train car.

Best Architecture - Jai Mahal Palace

jai mahal palace jaipur india

Jai Mahal Palace grounds, image credit - Jai Mahal

Another one of the Taj property 5 star hotels in Jaipur. With close proximity to the city palace, Jai Mahal Palace has been home to three Prime Ministers. The palace was built in 1745, and is known for its iconic Indo-Saracenic architecture located on 18 acres of pristine Mughal gardens. And, of course, complete with an outdoor pool.

room at the jai mahal palace

Room at the Jai Mahal Palace, image credit - Jai Mahal

Luxury Camping - Oberoi Rajvilas

luxury tents at the oberoi rajvilas jaipur india

Luxury tents at the Oberoi Rajvilas, photo credit - Oberoi

What makes this Oberoi Jaipur property stand out from the other five star luxury places on the list is their luxury tents. These are not your tents from Girl Scouts. The tent's design is drawn from the majestic caravans that would cross the Rajasthani desert long ago. They are air-conditioned, have a triple canopy, private bathrooms, and all the luxury amenities of the other palaces on this hotel Jaipur list. Think the highest in glamping comfort and luxury.

rooms at the oberoi rajvilas jaipur india

Rooms at the Oberoi Rajvilas,  photo credit - Oberoi

Best Interior Design - Sujan Rajmahal Palace

sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india

Image credit - Sujan Rajmahal Palace

The Maharaja of Jaipur calls the Sujan Rajmahal Palace home. It is a private enclosed oasis, secluded by gardens, and rich in history.

Sugan Rajmahal is one of the most unique places to stay in Jaipur. And that is because of the crazy amount of detail put into decorating the palace.

oom at sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india

Image credit - Sujan Rajmahal Palacecafe at sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india

Image credit - Sujan Rajmahal Palace

"All of the rooms of Rajmahal Palace have undergone an extensive refurbishment. Adil Ahmad designed each wallpaper and fabrics. The wallpaper, specially created for each room, tell the many stories of Jaipur, its rulers, their legacies and the collective history of the Kingdom of Amer. Motifs and colors were chosen to reinforce the theme of the rooms and become a defining backdrop for the furniture and other elements. The buta, the cypress, the floral patterned borders, the geometric shapes, all taken from the stone carvings that embellish the forts, palaces, and havelis that are intrinsic to the dictionary of design, and have been introduced into the larger design scheme. Each room is completely different from the other. The vibrant diversity, set within the stringent unity of the grand design, is the raison d’etre of the reinvention of Rajmahal."

Wow. Just wow. That is some serious attention to details.

international chain hotels

While I wouldn't recommend staying in these, I know a lot of people traveling to India for the first time sometimes like to stay in an international chain hotel.

To me, chain hotels feel generic and stuffy, especially in a place like Jaipur that is so unique and has so many independently ranked star hotels. But, I get it. Sometimes in a faraway place, you want something that you know. So, if you are one of those people, here are my recommendations.

Best For Doing Business - Marriott Jaipur resort

jw marriott jaipur india

Photo credit - JW Marriott Jaipur

The Marriott offers a reliable 5 star luxury and is known for its business and meeting rooms. The Marriott boasts itself on being business-friendly, helping to help you get your work done. The rooms are your typical hotel rooms with wooden finishes and crisp white sheets. But, they do make a good effort to add some Indian culture into their design. The property makes staying in shape while traveling easy with its state of the art fitness room and sprawling outdoor pool perfect for getting a few laps in.

room at the jw marriott jaipur india

Photo credit - JW Marriott Jaipur

Most Consistent - Radisson Jaipur city

radisson jaipur city india

Image credit - Radisson Jaipur City

Radisson is one of my favorite affordable hotel chains in India. Generally, they offer a really high-quality product at a competitive price, and no matter where you are in the country they are consistent with quality. I have stayed in Radissons all over India. Much like the Marriott you are not going to get any of that local Jaipur flavor while staying here. But, the property does make for the perfect reprieve from the crazy hustle and bustle of inn Jaipur City. And, as a bonus, the hotel is a quick 15-minute drive down Tonk Road to the airport.

radisson jaipur city india

Image credit - Radisson Jaipur City

BONUS: Booking Tips

For Jaipur hotel bookings I always call the hotels directly. Because so many of the places on this list are boutique hotels if you call or email directly, and are staying I Jaipur for a long time, they will work with you to give you a deal

There you have it. My list of best hotels in Jaipur India. Did I forget one? Let me know in the comments!

My guide to Jaipur interactive map - everywhere to eat, sleep, shop, and visit!



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