ethical sweaters

Ethical Sweaters And How To Spot Greenwashing

January 17 2021
Fashion insider ethical sweaters review - what to look for, who to avoid, and brands that are revolutionizing the fiber industry.
ethical gift, sustainable christmas gifts

A Sustainable + Ethical Gift For Everyone On Your List

December 8 2020
Not sure what to buy the conscious shopper in your life - this list of sustainable Christmas gifts + ethical gifts has something for everyone.
Onion Skin Dye - The Easiest DIY Tutorial

Onion Skin Dye - The Easiest DIY Tutorial

July 21 2020
Bring new life to old clothes with this easy to follow onion skin dye tutorial and video. Seriously, it's so easy, if you can cook soup, you can make dye.
best sustainable tshirts

Inside The Factories Making Ethical + Sustainable Tshirts

June 29 2020
Last year I did a post about designing and shopping for the perfect white t-shirt. I jokingly called it my "White T-Shirt Contest". The goal of the post was not to tell you what to buy but, to educate you on how to shop so you could make more educated purchases yourself. Teach a person to fish, right? This year I am giving an update to the post and teaching what to look for when buying ethical fashion and sustainable tshirts. And, giving you the behind the seams scoop on what your fav brands factories are like.
Sustainable Swimwear - Go Eco At Any Budget

Sustainable Swimwear - Go Eco At Any Budget

April 21 2020
Sustainable swimwear that helps the planet doesn't need to be expensive. 2020 picks for the conscious consumer at any budget. The suit featured in this image is under $30 and is made from recycled plastic!
Best quality clothing brands that are affordable

Best Quality Clothing Brands That Are Affordable

April 17 2020
Fast fashion clothes can last decads. What? How is that even possible? I'll teach you how to shop for the best quality clothing brands that are affordable.
things to do in ahmedabad

things to do in Ahmedabad - restaurants, hotels, + sights

January 2 2020
Complete list of things to do in Ahmedabad Gujarat India. Where to eat, sleep, adventure, and shop. Complete with an interactive map to help you get around.
how to buy cheap jeans that are better than premium denim

how to buy cheap jeans that are better than premium denim

December 21 2019
Are expensive jeans worth it? The short answer. No. Cheap jeans are often just as good as expensive pairs, this guide will teach you how to buy cheap jeans.
how to wash clothes the right way - and remove ANY stain

how to wash clothes the right way - and remove ANY stain

December 9 2019
Complete guide on how to wash your clothing the right way so your clothes last for longer. And, bonus - how to remove any type of stubborn stain.
what i learned joining the plastic free movement

what I learned during plastic free july

August 19 2019
Plastic free July - what I learned joining the plastic-free movement - reusable tote bags aren't eco, paper + metal straws could be poisoning us, sometimes making the switch from plastic to "sustainable" means consuming more stuff, and more.
capsule wardrobe for men

capsule wardrobe for men - a complete starter guide

July 11 2019
The complete starter guide for a mens 30 piece spring/summer capsule wardrobe. Bonus, it only needs 10 additional garments to carry over into fall/winter.
pigment print, pigment dye

pigment dyes and pigment prints - fast fashions toxic secret

June 23 2019
Pigment prints, pigments dyes, and their tell-tale sign of color crocking are a red flag for cheaply made clothes that can even be toxic, learn more.
eco packaging

beware of eco packaging greenwashing

June 15 2019
A few weeks ago BBC broke the news about what a " biodegradable plastic bag " looked like 3 years after being buried in the ground. Spoiler, it was a little dirty, but could totally still be used. And, this left a lot of us in the sustainability community with a lot of questions about eco packaging and green packaging.
recycled polyester fabric

Recycled Polyester Fabric is not a solution for fast fashion

June 7 2019
Why recycled polyester fabric is not the sollution to the fashion industries environmental issues. And, what we should be doing instead.
Jaipur sightseeing tour - a locals guide

Jaipur sightseeing tour - a locals guide

May 29 2019
aipur sightseeing tour - A curated list of the best sights and food in The Pink City. Plus a bonus 24-hours in Jaipur itinerary.
zero waste india

Zero Waste India - a reuse culture of necessity, not privilege

April 10 2019
India doesn't have to try to be zero waste, here it is a lifestyle that evolved from poverty and necessity, not a privileged choice.
traveling to india checklist

Traveling To India Checklist - Everything You Need

December 10 2018
Feeling a little overwhelmed planning your first trip to India? It's ok. Preparing for a trip to India can be a lot. There is so much to plan for, and communication can be difficult at times. We created this India travel checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.
denim vs jeans are expensive vs cheap jeans

Denim vs Jeans - Why They Are So Expensive

November 28 2018

Refinery29's article All The Differences Between $200 Jeans & $20 Ones got a lot wrong. This week I use my 8 years of fashion industry product development experience to break down 

what you are really buying when you purchase a $50 pair of denim jeans, a $100 pair, and a $200 pair.

vegan thanksgiving recipes

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Even Meat-Eaters Will Love

November 1 2018
These vegan Thanksgiving recipes might be vegan, but I definitely wouldn't call them healthy - they are all cheat day indulgent.
Ayurvedic clothing

Ayurvedic Clothing That Heals

October 4 2018
In ayurvedic dying, plants give clothing pops of color and personality with the additional benefit of healing and medicinal properties.
secret jaipur shopping spots

Guide To Secret Jaipur Shopping Spots

September 10 2018
Every brand from West Elm to Urban Outfitters, to Ralph Lauren is in Jaipur shopping for inspiration. Jaipur is a hub for artisan fashion. Because of this, if you are planning a trip to India and love artisan fashion it’s where you need to be too.
how to keep your whites their brightest

how to keep your whites their brightest

June 24 2018
our textile specialist get's real about what actually works and doesn't to keep your whites sparkling all summer long
advice on how to move abroad and start a sustainable business

advice on how to move abroad and start a sustainable business

May 22 2018
This week I had the honor of getting to learn more about the opening of her zero-waste guest house in Bikaner India, and now I have so much FOMO. Bikaner has long been on my list of places to visit in India, and now I have an excuse to check it out this summer! Did you know there is  Rat Palace there?
Kathy Hattori botanical colors indigo

Kathy Hattori: Opportunities in Unexpected Places

May 2 2018
Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors tells us about taking the plunge to start your business, aging as a woman in the fashion industry, and of course natural dyes.
Chere Di Boscio gets real about "luxury" fashion, and more...

Chere Di Boscio gets real about "luxury" fashion, and more...

April 17 2018
Chere Di Boscio, Founder, and editor-in-chief of Eluxe Magazine talks about the struggles of running an ethical fashion publication, drops some knowledge about the hidden toxins in our clothes, calls out companies for greenwashing, and gets real about child labour. 
diy indigo dye vat

How to Make your Own Indigo Dye at Home

April 11 2018
A step by step guide to indigo dye at home.
in case you missed it, highlights from Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion Technology @ SXSW

in case you missed it, highlights from Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion Technology @ SXSW

March 14 2018
If you weren't able to make it to Austin for the Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion Technology panel, we have highlights for you! Melanie DiSalvo Founder of virtue + vice...
Manufacturing for a Better Tomorrow @ SXSW

Manufacturing for a Better Tomorrow @ SXSW

March 5 2018
Interested in making your product more sustainable and ethical? Start here with our industry resources list.
5 sustainable fashion resolutions

5 sustainable fashion resolutions

January 2 2018

start the new year off right with 5 sustainable fashion resolutions - so easy, anyone can do them

sustainability and ethics in fashion technology - SXSW 2018

sustainability and ethics in fashion technology - SXSW 2018

December 26 2017
This panel will discuss the continued harsh realities of overseas manufacturing and spotlight the innovators and entrepreneurs who are dedicating their efforts to reinventing the fashion industry and are revolutionizing sustainability and ethics.
DIY: up-cycle your own trashion

DIY: up-cycle your own trashion

July 11 2017
Trashion is a term used for art, fashion, jewelry, and home goods created from repurposed found elements that would otherwise have ended up in the trash and subsequently landfills. Learn how to make your own.
bailey warren zero waste chicago

becoming zero waste with Bailey Warren of zero waste chicago

July 5 2017
To kick off The Story of Stuff's Plastic Free July, I sat down to talk with Bailey Warren, founder of not for profit Zero Waste Chicago about her journey becoming zero waste and her fresh take on ways anyone can join the movement. 
sustainable laundry

have you overlooked this energy drain in your home?

April 16 2017
Did you know one of the biggest energy drains of a garment's life cycle is often overlooked and it happens in our own homes? Learn what you can do to save energy.
how to use less plastic

how to cut down on plastic use

April 8 2017
quick and easy tips to cut down on your plastic use
laundry business

the business of laundry: major myths revealed

April 8 2017
Your laundry is costing you more than it needs to. Check out these tips that will save you cash.