what jobs in the fashion industry are right for you?

Thinking about starting a career in fashion? This is everything I wish someone had told me about jobs in the fashion industry.

Back in 2004 when I was applying for colleges and trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life, I didn't realize that there are jobs for all different personalities, talents, and abilities in the fashion industry. For some reason, I thought “designer” was the only job in fashion. I have never been particularly artsy, and don’t know how to sew, so working in fashion never felt like a real option.

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Why Made in Poland is the Hottest Manufacturing Trend

I had the opportunity to visit Poland in September on a trip sponsored by The European Union and Polish Investment & Trade Agency. And, not only was I was blown away by their manufacturing capabilities, but the country as a whole. Poland is probably the best-kept manufacturing secret in Europe right now. So, now the secrets out, Poland for manufacturing is where you need to be.
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textile yarns - the secret to fabric development

Yarns are the often forgotten about secret to creating more sustainable fabrics and garments. By understanding them we can create garments that will last longer and perform better, here's how...
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What Are Synthetic Fibers? And why does fashion love 'em?

Rayon was the first synthetic fiber, and originally consumers hated it. It wasn't until the invention of nylon, which made women's nylon stockings a possibility that the world became obsessed with synthetic fibers and faster fashion.

How did one little fiber change the fashion world forever? We'll get to that. And, talk about how other synthetic fibers continue to shape fashions hottest trends.

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Luxury Wool and Eco-Friendly ECO WOOL Alternatives

The fourth topic of TEXTILES 101 is Luxury Wool.

Before you buy that discounted, to good to be true cashmere, educate yourself on some of the worlds most sustainable and rare luxury wool in the world. Cashmere, yak, camel wool, guanaco, mohair, alpaca, vicuna, angora, shahtoosh.

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