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tips on cleaning up your companies supply chain

Why Is Finding A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer So Hard?

working with a low MOQ clothing manufacturer is often not the magic pill, dream solution that startup founders think they will be...

Get Your Garment Made, Tips From An India Sourcing Agent

Sourcing in India is exciting - there are so many beautiful handmade, high-quality options for startup fashion brand...

Sustainable Textiles You Probably Have Never Heard Of

There are so many sustainable textiles out there that most people (even industry experts) don't know about - well, I am here to change that.

Textile Sourcing At This Year's Best Textile Trade Shows 2022

Why are textile trade shows important to your small business? They bring international supply chain partners to 1 easy-to-navigate location.

13 Tools Every Sustainable Fashion Startup Needs

13 tools you and your sustainable fashion startup need that will leave people wondering, "wow, how are they so productive?"

Manufacturing Clothes In India - What You Need To Know

I have made tons of mistakes manufacturing clothes in India, which I am going to share with you. This way you don't need to make them too.

Should I Hire A Manufacturing Consultant To Make My Line?

Learn what a manufacturing consultant does. And, decide if hiring someone to help produce your line is the right decision for your line.

How To Find Custom Clothing Manufacturers For Startups

Finding custom clothing manufactures for startups is about finding the perfect fit - here's what to look for.

Fast Fashion Director To Sustainable Fashion Consultant

I open up about my time spent in fast fashion, and what it's like now on the other side as a sustainable fashion consultant!

10 Fashion SEO Tips To Get You Ranked

The easy way I use fashion SEO strategies to get over 22,000 people to my website every month for free! And, how you can do it too!

Should I Hire A Sample Maker To Help Develop My Line?

Find out how a sample maker can help you develop your custom garment, get tips on how to work with them, and learn where to find them.

Using Eco Friendly Tags For Sustainable Garments

How to design eco friendly tags - The same care you take into designing a conscious product should also be taken for your hang tags too.
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