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FREE Sourcing Secrets Workshop - September 29th @ 8pm et - give me 1 hour of your time, and i'll teach you how to find the perfect supply chain partners

tips on cleaning up your companies supply chain

10 Fashion SEO Tips To Get You Ranked

The easy way I use fashion SEO strategies to get over 22,000 people to my website every month for free! And, how you can do it too!

Should I Hire A Sample Maker To Help Develop My Line?

Find out how a sample maker can help you develop your custom garment, get tips on how to work with them, and learn where to find them.

Using Eco Friendly Tags For Sustainable Garments

How to design eco friendly tags - The same care you take into designing a conscious product should also be taken for your hang tags too.

Sustainable Fabric Suppliers + Sustainable Fabric List

How to choose the most sustainable textiles for your clothing brand, plus my list of sustainable fabric suppliers to start working with.

Guide To Creating A Line Sheet That Wows Buyers

Are you a startup fashion brand ready to take your line to the next level by starting to sell in stores? If yes, you are definitely going to need a line sheet. Whether you plan to sell your clothes in small local mom and pop stores, or retail giants like Nordstrom's the basic tools you need to reach out to potential buyers and present your line is always the same - and they start with a good line sheet. So, here is how to make one.

Swimwear Manufacturing - How To Find The Perfect Supplier

Everything you need to know about swimwear manufacturing. How to develop a line, find supply chain partners, and get your product made!

Self Accountability - A SMART Plan To Reach Your Goals

The key to success in any start up is self accountability. This fashion SMART plan will keep you focused and on track to meet your business goals.

fashion accounting - how to keep track of your books

One more thing before you get started on the fun part of your clothing line - get your accounting and bookkeeping in order. The earlier the better. Believe me, it's a nightmare when tax season rolls around and your books are a mess. The easiest way to keep your financials stress free is to keep track of them in real-time. If you are just getting started, or even if you are an established brand that always seems to find themselves in a panic around tax time, try these fashion accounting tricks to make your clothing line finances easy.

Fashion Design For Beginners - Importance Of Merchandising

Does this sound like you? It's always been your dream to start your own clothing line. You see a need in the market, you are passionate about a product - there is just one problem. You know nothing about fashion. That's ok. To get you started, here is my first lesson, fashion design for beginners - the importance of merchandising.

The 14 Step Garment Manufacturing Process

For years I have been trying to learn the rules of football (the American kind) so I can follow along while my friends watch. What do you think has been more helpful to me - an article that lists all the players on the field and what they do or a deep dive into how a football is made? Obviously the first post with an overview of all the players. Think of developing and producing your garments like me learning football. To start off you don't need to know every single little detail of a tech pack or how to comment on fit samples. In the beginning, you just need to know the players in the game, or in the case of the garment manufacturing process the steps to follow.

Fashion Branding Tips + Brand Guidelines - FREE WORKBOOK

How to create a brand guideline for your clothing line, and 11 fashion branding tips from pros to help you create a cohesive brand image. Thank you! click here for your free download

How To Create A Clothing Line Business Plan - w/ Template

Before you launch your sustainable startup, you need to make a clothing line business plan. The guide takes you through all the steps w/ real brand examples
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