what is sustainable fashion

what is sustainable fashion?

June 19 2017
Sustainable fashion asks the question how was something made and how can it be made better? How can it have a smaller environmental impact? How can our business help and progress local communities? It asks the question, are we making this the best way possible, and how can we do better?
fashion supply chain transparency

what is transparency?

June 12 2017

why is transparency important to revolutionizing the clothing industry? By demanding transparency in the clothing industry, we are telling companies that we will hold them accountable for how they choose to make their products.

what is ethical fashion

what is ethical fashion?

May 17 2017
We hear the terms ethical, sustainable, socially conscious, and transparent thrown around a lot today. But, what do they really mean? Often used interchangeably, they all do not mean the same thing.
cotton seeds in food

how the cotton industry effects the food we eat

April 17 2017
THE RIPPLE EFFECT OF NON-ORGANIC COTTON - how conventional cotton farming effects more than just fashion.
petrolium fiber alternatives

guide to petroleum fiber alternatives

April 17 2017

Is your clothing contributing to non-biodegradable plastic waste? If it's made out of polyester or other petroleum-based fibers the answer is yes. read our  guide to performance-based alternatives 

what is khadi

what is khadi? All about India's Sustainable Textile solution

April 16 2017
Today, at virtue + vice, we are still inspired by Gandhi. We believe that by using alternative manufacturing methods to create jobs, we will reduce environmental impact, and add value to the communities in which our beautiful and lovingly crafted clothes are made.
hand carved rajisthani wooden block peacock feather bird mandala

how block print fabrics are made - a lesson in bagru prints

April 16 2017
A step by step guide into Indian block print fabrics. And, an insiders look into the famous Bagru print and Chappas keeping the tradition alive.
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April 8 2017
We are virtue + vice a women's clothing brand dedicated to sustainable and conscious designs. Our goal is to create fashionable and comfortable clothing using both traditional methods and new technologies.