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tips on cleaning up your companies supply chain

6 Tips For Clothing Line Startup Success

6 things that every single successful clothing line startup founder does - plus I share some of my most embarrassing startup mistakes.

Clothing Brand Marketing Strategy - How To Get More Sales

Not meeting your sales goals? Here are seven tips to build a clothing brand marketing strategy that is proven to boost sales immediately.

IYKYK, Sustainable Black Friday aka Green Friday Deals

I like to think of Green Friday as the less capitalist more environmentally friendly sister to Black Friday - here's what you need to know...

Does The World Need Another Eco Friendly T Shirt Brand?

From fiber to factory, everything you need to know to create an eco friendly t shirt, plus the biggest mistakes you need to avoid.

Fashion Startup Advice You Didn't Know You Needed

Answers to the 13 most common questions soon-to-be fashion startup entrepreneurs ask me for help with when launching their brand

This Recycled Wool Fabric Supplier Is Startup Friendly

This 80 year old Italian mill turns consumer and industry waste into new zero waste recycled wool fabrics. Bonus, they offer small MOQs too!

What Is Polyester? + Why It's More Eco Than We Thought

Think of this blog post as Wicked, but for polyester. What happens in the show is that, when we hear the story from a different perspective our feelings and opinions about all the characters shift. And, what we learn is that we often cast judgments with limited information. And, that’s what the media has done to polyester.

How To Find The Right Cut And Sew Manufacturers

Let me guess. You have an idea, maybe you've even been thinking about it for years. And, now you are finally ready to pull the trigger and make your dream of starting a clothing company come true. The problem? The world of apparel manufacturing is complicated and confusing. The truth is, there are so many ways...

Why Is Finding A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer So Hard?

working with a low MOQ clothing manufacturer is often not the magic pill, dream solution that startup founders think they will be...

Get Your Garment Made, Tips From An India Sourcing Agent

Sourcing in India is exciting - there are so many beautiful handmade, high-quality options for startup fashion brand...

Sustainable Textiles You Probably Have Never Heard Of

There are so many sustainable textiles out there that most people (even industry experts) don't know about - well, I am here to change that.

Textile Sourcing At This Year's Best Textile Trade Shows 2021

Why are textile trade shows important to your small business? They bring international supply chain partners to 1 easy-to-navigate location.
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