What are Synthetic Fabrics? - A Guide to Man Made Fibers

Rayon was the first synthetic fiber, and originally consumers hated it. It wasn't until the invention of nylon, which made women's nylon stockings a possibility that the world became obsessed with synthetic fibers and faster fashion.

How did one little fiber change the fashion world forever? We'll get to that. And, talk about how other synthetic fibers continue to shape fashions hottest trends.

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Luxury Wool and Eco-Friendly ECO WOOL Alternatives

The fourth topic of TEXTILES 101 is Luxury Wool.

Before you buy that discounted, to good to be true cashmere, educate yourself on some of the worlds most sustainable and rare luxury wool in the world. Cashmere, yak, camel wool, guanaco, mohair, alpaca, vicuna, angora, shahtoosh.

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What is Wool? And What Makes The Perfect Sweater?

This weeks topic of TEXTILES 101 is Animal Fibers, specifically - what is wool? Before you head out for your holiday shopping or invest in any itchy Christmas sweaters, make sure to read this guide.
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Natural Plant Fibers

New to the fashion world? Welcome :) To help catch you up to speed, virtue + vice is offering free mini-courses. We will be releasing a new chapter bi-monthly. The courses will take you from the very first step in the fashion supply chain, textile fibers, all the way through to the finished product in stores. Our first crash course is TEXTILES 101The second topic of TEXTILES 101 is Natural Plant Fibers.
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Complete Guide to Fabric Market Shopping in Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is a fabric market located in Kowloon and is one of Hong Kongs best-kept fashion secrets. Designers looking for deadstock - Sham Shui Po is your holy grail. Basically, it's where Chinese mills, from fast fashion to high-end, sell off their deadstock. 
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