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tips on cleaning up your companies supply chain

3 new ways companies are using recycled plastic

spoiler: it isn’t swimsuits or yoga pants. What are we going to do with all the single-use plastic we have created? These companies have some ideas.

innovative textiles… that aren’t polyester made from recycled plastic bottles

This week I am exploring and celebrating three new fiber technologies that deserve the spotlight and are still relatively new to the market. One of them is even an alternative to plastic! Welcome to the future...

what do we do when plastic use is inevitable?

We are always trying to cut down on our plastics use. But, sometimes plastic is needed. GASP! While it pains us to package each garment in plastic, unfortunately, because of the rough shipping process it is actually more sustainable... Here's why.

documentary review - Machines by Rahul Jain [with v+v original video]

Call me jaded, but recently I haven't been able to get through a fashion industry or environmental doc or article without getting super heated about dramatized, exaggerated, and at times even falsified information. 

breast cancer awareness charity shirts could actually be causing cancer

Charity shirts... While we at virtue + vice fully support raising awareness for important causes like cancers, human rights, and saving the world, the way we promote that awareness is most likely doing more harm than good.

read this before the flea market: why most vintage is actually fake

yup, your vintage Levis from the flea market are probably fake...

what is the 30 wears challenge?

Popularized by Liva Firth of The True Cost, the 30 Wears Campaign challenges you to ask the question “will I wear this 30 times?” before making a new purchase.

what is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion asks the question how was something made and how can it be made better? How can it have a smaller environmental impact? How can our business help and progress local communities? It asks the question, are we making this the best way possible, and how can we do better?

what is transparency?

why is transparency important to revolutionizing the clothing industry? By demanding transparency in the clothing industry, we are telling companies that we will hold them accountable for how they choose to make their products.

what is ethical fashion?

We hear the terms ethical, sustainable, socially conscious, and transparent thrown around a lot today. But, what do they really mean? Often used interchangeably, they all do not mean the same thing.

how the cotton industry effects the food we eat

THE RIPPLE EFFECT OF NON-ORGANIC COTTON - how conventional cotton farming effects more than just fashion.

guide to petroleum fiber alternatives

Is your clothing contributing to non-biodegradable plastic waste? If it's made out of polyester or other petroleum-based fibers the answer is yes. read our  guide to performance-based alternatives 
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